Kysia and Jason's Wedding


Kysia and Jason were married on June 2nd, with a ceremony at Pamperin Park in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and a reception at The Ravine

These two both work for Marco Technologies, in the sales department, which is actually where they met in 2013. At first, Kysia turned Jason down because she was afraid it would be scandalous to date a coworker. But like any good salesman, he persisted and finally got her to agree to dinner. 

Then, one Friday, they took off together to go golfing. Jason had planned to put a ring on Kysia’s tee, because he used to tee up the ball for her. But when she didn’t let him tee up the ball the whole time, he had to wait until evening, when they had plans for dinner. They went back to Kysia’s place to get ready, and as she was curling her hair, Jason asked if she’d checked her mail yet. When she said she had, he replied, “Well, I swear I saw something there. You should go check.”

Sure enough, there was a card in her mailbox: a letter from her grandparents explaining how much they loved Jason and how they had given him permission to ask her a special question. When she looked up again, he was down on one knee with a ring and champagne.  O.  M.  G.  :)

Pamperin Park Wedding Photography

On the day of the wedding, I was so impressed with how Kysia and Jason conducted themselves. They are the perfect example of a couple that works together as a team, who respect one another and are stronger together.

For the wedding preparations, they decided that they wanted to do as much as they could by themselves so that they could get the most out of their wedding. So the centerpieces, bouquets, and decorations were all created by them, with dried flowers ordered from various vendors on These personalized details made everything even more special and memorable for them. 

In addition to personalizing the décor, the couple even personalized their vows. As amazing as those vows were, my favorite moment during the ceremony was when Kysia and Jason were in front of their friends and family. Kysia was so happy, and Jason had the most endearing look on his face as he watched her walk down the aisle.  I was taken aback as I was clicking.  These were real, true expressions of a couple that is truly in love.

Just after the ceremony, I caught some images of Kysia standing with her bouquet of flowers that ended up being some of my favorite photos of the whole day. She really has a knack for grabbing the camera’s attention—she’s a natural model! Especially in her exquisite dress from Allure Bridals ;)

We were able to grab several portraits of the two of them out and about, including one of my favorite moments at Jimmy Seas Pub & Grill. This is where Kysia and Jason had their first date, so of course, we just had to get a photo recreating their first kiss. Which was a *big* one.  Whoah!

The wedding party had some time to relax, have a few cocktails, and go outside for some unique photos on the dock. We managed to fit the entire group on one of the piers. I could tell that Kysia was afraid the pier would fall in the water.  What she didn’t know was that I was too... :/.  I told her if that happened, however, no worries—her wedding would go viral and I would help with that.

Wedding Reception at The Ravine

Once we got to the reception, I was so glad to see one of the best lighting setups a photographer could ask for. The Ravine always does a fantastic job with lighting, which helps enhance the photos wonderfully. The combination of spotlights and beam lights make for a truly unique set of dancing shots. 

I really loved capturing the images of Kysia and Jason during their first dance. It’s not often that I well up with tears, but I did.  I actually had to reach behind my camera and wipe a little one away as they concluded their dance. When they looked at each other, it was like the entire room faded away around them.  I could tell they were truly happy.

Kysia totally let loose on the dance floor. I don’t often see a bride with this much energy near the end of the day, let alone the courage to pull off the moves she did.  I couldn’t help but stand back a few times and watch the entire dance party feed off her energy. Jason fends for himself quite well, too!  That guy has better dance skills than most dudes I meet.

In conclusion....

Thank you, Kysia and Jason, for letting me get to know you. From the engagement photo session at Lawrence to your wedding day at Pamperin, it has been such a pleasure working with you both. You are one of those couples that I want to keep coming back to photograph.  You are genuine.  You are kind.  You are gracious.  You two are awesome.


Banquet Hall- The Ravine

Wedding Dress- Allure Bridals

Suits- Kenneth Cole (from Younkers)

Cocktails and Appetizers In Between Ceremony and Reception: Jimmy Seas Bar & Grill

Photographer- Adam Shea Photography

Officiant- Wendy Stewart 

Cake- Monzu Bakery

Flowers/Decorations- Etsy (Kysia made all arrangements herself)

Invitations/Programs- Wedding Paper Divas (part of Shutterfly) 

Trolley Bus- Lamers

Ceremony Music- Sound Dimensions

Adam Shea

Adam started his wedding photography business in 2007 with a passion to follow his dream.  Since then, he’s served hundreds of couples in Wisconsin and across the country.

"My goal is to preserve invaluable memories clients," he says.  "I shy away from heavy, unnatural filters and go for bright, vibrant colors.  I want my clients' photos to remain timeless."

At home, Adam adores his wife, two daughters, and sheltie puppy.  He loves to fish, garden and roast coffee.  He's a self-proclaimed coffee nerd and you can usually find him in Timshel Cafe in Neenah sipping a cup of joe.

When not photographing weddings, Adam uses time-lapse photography to capture natural phenomena.  "Uncovering the hidden is fascinating," he says.  "If I can uncover something hidden in our everyday lives, and show it to other just excites me."