Danielle and Jeff's Wedding

Danielle and Jeff were married on October 14, with a ceremony and reception at the Gordon Lodge in Bailey Harbor, Wisconsin.

Jeff and Danielle’s Love Story

These two met when Danielle’s friend and Jeff’s physical therapist, Molly, set them up while Danielle was still in school for physical therapy. She happened to be home in between semesters for a clinical rotation and didn’t realize at the time that she was potentially looking at a long-distance relationship. But between work assignments and clinical rotations, the two of them were able to travel together, have hiking adventures, and fall even more in love.

Danielle wasn’t expecting it at all when Jeff proposed, because she had been feeling pretty sick that day. She knew that Jeff wanted to do something nice just the two of them because they were headed back to Wisconsin for the holiday season and hadn’t gotten to see much of each other while Jeff was doing an MIT internship in Germany. They had to get up at 3:30 a.m. to make a flight, and with Danielle feeling under the weather, she said that she just wanted to go to bed early. Jeff insisted on dinner plans, at the very least getting groceries to make dinner for her. She was so focused on speeding through and getting to bed that she had absolutely no suspicions when Jeff finally proposed!

A Stormy Gordon Lodge Wedding

On the actual day of the wedding, we were all a little concerned about the possibility of rain, since the forecast looked wet. Once we got there, the waves were crashing on the shoreline - this  created a sense of anticipation, excitement, and electricity in the air. At one point, as I walked up to the altar, a splash of water sprayed my suit and nearly drenched me. This was the story of our day:  unexpected surprises :).  I knelt down on the ground to get a good angle on the wedding party coming down the aisle as the wind whipped at my back and the guests started to get drizzled on. 

The ceremony was beautiful, with music played by Jeff’s former piano teacher, Judy Ferreri. But the autumn skies were still threatening as the vows were given and the bride and groom were pronounced man and wife. Jeff and Danielle rushed down the aisle. Just at that moment, the skies opened up and drenched us all. Everyone ran for cover, with rain filling champagne glasses. I was able to grab one of my favorite images as Jeff and Danielle took refuge under an evergreen tree. They were so happy. It was clear their hearts were warm despite the bone-chilling weather. 

The reception at Gordon Lodge was nothing short of spectacular. I loved that Danielle was willing to let loose when Tim Dorsey, the DJ , started to play. She is not one who is usually willing to put herself out there, but when you get her on a dance floor, she really shines!

Another sweet detail of the wedding was the cake. Several of their guests had dietary restrictions, so they went with Gordon Lodge’s flourless chocolate cake so everyone could eat it. They somehow managed to break their knife on the cake, too! If rain is good luck, I am sure breaking the knife is...well...extra good luck.

Jeff & Danielle, your wedding day was one of the most exciting, unpredictable, and beautiful events I’ve photographed this year. I’m glad that the weather held out for your ceremony and that you two were able to have a story that will last you a lifetime. After all, who can say it rained buckets… and buckets… and buckets on their wedding day and yet they still had so much fun! You two were so composed and reminded me that this is the reason I love wedding photography. It’s all about working with kind, considerate human beings. When life gives you rain, make a swimming pool!


Adam Shea Photography

Tim @ Dorsey Entertainment - DJ

Judy Ferreri (groom's former piano teacher) - Harp/ceremony music

Jaclyn at Kinley Kay - Bride's hair & makeup

BrittsLook - Bridesmaids' hair

Mimi's Bridal Boutique - Bride's Dress

Marie Li (friend of the bride) - Dress alterations

Jackie Riedel (friend of the bride) - Veil

David's Bridal - Bridesmaid dresses

Janet Cooper (mother of the bride) - Flowers & decorations

Adam Shea

Adam started his wedding photography business in 2007 with a passion to follow his dream.  Since then, he’s served hundreds of couples in Wisconsin and across the country.

"My goal is to preserve invaluable memories clients," he says.  "I shy away from heavy, unnatural filters and go for bright, vibrant colors.  I want my clients' photos to remain timeless."

At home, Adam adores his wife, two daughters, and sheltie puppy.  He loves to fish, garden and roast coffee.  He's a self-proclaimed coffee nerd and you can usually find him in Timshel Cafe in Neenah sipping a cup of joe.

When not photographing weddings, Adam uses time-lapse photography to capture natural phenomena.  "Uncovering the hidden is fascinating," he says.  "If I can uncover something hidden in our everyday lives, and show it to other people...well...it just excites me."