Diana and Adam's Wedding

Diana and Adam were wed at St. Joan of Arc Church with a reception at Terrace 167 in Richfield, Wisconsin. Adam Shea Photography captured the event.

Diana and Adam were wed at St. Joan of Arc Church with a reception at Terrace 167 in Richfield, Wisconsin. Adam Shea Photography captured the event.

The Couple

Diana and Adam.  Diana and Adam.  What can I say about these two?  Immediately, the first time I met them, I knew we would get along well.

These two are able to be molded for photos, take direction easily and look absolutely fantastic.  Adam is a down-to-earth guy who is extremely amiable.  Diana has a smile light lights 40 square miles around her.  Her presence is a beam of sunlight entering a room.

Diana teaches small children and Adam works as a civil engineer.  It is obvious these two work as a team, are extremely intelligent and have goals they want to achieve.

The Ceremony

Diana and Adam were wed at St. Joan of Arc Church in Delafield, Wisconsin.  The church is beautiful.  Bright, flowing light enters from the sides of the ceremony space perfectly illuminating the congregation.  Diana and Adam stood at the altar facing each other for their vows.  We were able to capture a few incredible moments in which these two looked at each other.  I could see their emotions written within the lines of their faces.  As my eyes peered through my viewfinder, my heart warmed.


The day of Diana and Adam’s wedding was hot.  Really, REALLY hot.  We had to strike a balance between taking indoor photos and spending just enough time outside that we didn’t melt.

Diana and Adam, though, were champs.

We stopped at Holy Hill for a few photos right before the reception.  The wedding party got off the bus and stretched their legs; we did a private shoot just between these two.  The photos at Holy Hill are among some of the favorite ones I’ve taken so far this summer.

It's rare I get to interact with a couple that are complete naturals.  At one point Diana looked back at Adam with the church steeple in the background.  What we captured was nothing short of magic ;).

The Reception

We arrived to Terrace 167 in Richfield, WI ready to party.  This unique reception venue is adorned with rustic barn accents and Edison bulbs.  Accompanied with some unique signage and an outdoor ceremony space, it’s the perfect spot for photos.

As the sun began to lower in the sky, we went outdoors for a few more photo sets between the ladies and the men.  The trees formed a perfect frame around them.  The ladies were perfect; the guys were a hoot.  They did not stop laughing and bantering.  It helps when you’ve had a couple beers to warm you up and the anticipation of a party to come.

Inside Terrace 167, we danced, ate and had a wonderful time.  These two seemed to make it around to every guest in the house.  Or at least tried!  With a wedding guest list of well over 250, the hall was buzzing.  Co-workers, school friends, family and extended relatives all gathered to laugh, drink and have fun.

Diana and Adam totally busted it out on the dance floor.  As a wedding photographer, I see a lot of dancing.  Different styles, different types.  I have never seen something like this!  Diana took Adam’s hand for much of the night and they swung each other around.  Diana’s bright smile cut through the sea of guests and landed right on my camera sensor.  She was electric.

And Adam got really into the music.  At one point, he got down on one knee, extended his arms and hand and screamed at the top of his lungs while singing to Diana.

The whole day was a whirlwind.  On one of the hottest days of the summer, these two sizzled with excitement and love for each other.  I was just along for the ride.

The Vendors

Diana and Adam put together an A-list of vendors to pull off their wedding day.  Unique, rustic floral bouquets were provided by The Flower Garden in Hartland, Wisconsin.  Diana's ornate cupcake display was arranged by herself and carefully crafted by the fine bakers at Fox Bros Piggly Wiggly in Wisconsin.  Paul Groholl of DJ Express kept us hopping all night and even played a unique game that allowed Diana and Adam to get a photo with almost every single wedding guest.

About Adam Shea Photography

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I am a wedding photographer based out of Neenah, Wisconsin that travels across the state of Wisconsin and abroad for destination weddings.  I focus on rich, vibrant photos and telling the entire story of couples' wedding days.

When not photographing weddings, I also frequently travel for engagement shoots and family portraits.  I dabble in time-lapse astrophotography and love to create short films as well.  My main subjects are our two dynamic daughters at home.

I love to roast coffee, fish and am also active in the political scene as well.  I strive for equality, fairness and compassion amongst all members of society.

I started Adam Shea Photography in 2007 and my goal has remained simple: to create timeless, beautiful images for couples.  I focus on capturing real moments that are crisp, vibrant and beautiful.

Adam Shea

Adam started his wedding photography business in 2007 with a passion to follow his dream.  Since then, he’s served hundreds of couples in Wisconsin and across the country.

"My goal is to preserve invaluable memories clients," he says.  "I shy away from heavy, unnatural filters and go for bright, vibrant colors.  I want my clients' photos to remain timeless."

At home, Adam adores his wife, two daughters, and sheltie puppy.  He loves to fish, garden and roast coffee.  He's a self-proclaimed coffee nerd and you can usually find him in Timshel Cafe in Neenah sipping a cup of joe.

When not photographing weddings, Adam uses time-lapse photography to capture natural phenomena.  "Uncovering the hidden is fascinating," he says.  "If I can uncover something hidden in our everyday lives, and show it to other people...well...it just excites me."